Save Money On TV Without paying for Subscription

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TV Shows can make us laugh, distract us from the trials and tribulations of life.

Half an hour or 60 minutes can pass in what feels like a click of the fingers if the tv show grabs your attention. Many of the must-see shows often sit behind a pay per view wall, which then you have to subscribe to something in order to watch them.

In this post im going to talk about how to save money on TV without subscription. 

Free Trials

There is a few of streaming sites which will let you have a free trial before you decide if you want to commit to pay per monthly subscription.

These trials vary from a few days to a month or even two months (which is rare but is does happen).

This is a great way of watching pay per view TV without subscription. You now could catch up on some TV shows that everyone at work or on the bus has been talking about.

You could now watch binge a whole series in a couple of nights, so you can join in those conversations on your lunch break. Make sure to make a note of when you need to cancel the free trial by so you don’t get charged for that first month.

Watch Free To Air TV

Another thing you could do is cancel all your TV subscriptions. This can easily eat a huge chunk of our monthly pay without you even noticing

whilst we all love sitting in front of the Tv watching the latest box set on Netflix, Amazon etc it can be really expensive.

There are lots of free to air TV shows available, that lots of people are talking about. You can watch Trigger Point on ITV1 (ITV HUB) and The Teacher on Channel 5 (my5) and Of course, if you are watching live TV you will need a TV licence at the moment, even with all the talk of scrapping it.

This costs £159 a year for a colour one. However, i have been using a loophole for over 5+ years now.

If you don’t want live TV or anything on the BBC, including iPlayer, you don’t need a licence.

You can watch FREE TV the likes of Coronation Street on the ITVHub, The Great British Bake Off on 4OD, and Home and Away on My5 as long as they are just streamed catch up shows

If it’s films you are after, there are plenty available on these platforms too and they change week in week out. At the time of writing this you can watch Bohemian Rhapsody on 4OD. It’s a kind of magic

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