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Today i am going to to about reselling items on ebay

Selling on eBay is a great way to declutter and release cash from your unwanted items. eBay is a great way for us to declutter our home and make some extra cash. Remember that eBay sales are tax free if you are just selling on your unwanted items! I cannot believe some of the items actually selling on eBay. Here are some of my selling tips for eBay.

Sell Today

Look at recently sold listings

On eBay you can easily search for completed listing of items that have sold (simply click on “advanced” just to the right of the search bar, or if you are using the eBay app then you will need to filter your results to see this option). Seeing the items that have recently sold, and how much they have sold for helps you to work out what is worth selling and how much to price your items for.

Use the eBay app

If you have a smartphone or tablet then the eBay app makes listing about a hundred times easier! You can take photos with your smartphone or tablet and upload them using the app. The app gives you a chance to list straight from your phone or tablet and a time and place that is convenient to you

Look out for £1 max selling fee weekends

eBay charge you 10% Final Value Fees on your sold items, however every fortnight or so they have a maximum £1 selling fee weekend. This means that for the duration, anything you list that sells for more than £10 you will only pay £1 in fees. 

Items don’t even have to sell that weekend, they just need to be listed during this promotion. 

This can be a massive saving if you have anything over £10 to list. For example, I sold an Toy story Photo Fram for over £35.00 during one of these weekends, and I was only charged £1 fees instead of £3.50

You need to active the offer, it isn’t applied automatically. eBay will email you about the promotion, or you will see it in My eBay>All Selling>Overview and scroll all the way down. If the offer is available to you there then you will see the offer

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