Duronic Electric Coffee Grinder CG250 | 250W Motor | Stainless-Steel Blade | Grinding Mill for Coffee Beans, Herbs, Spices, Nuts, Seeds, Pulses and Fruit

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Deal Score+1
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  • POWERFUL COFFEE GRINDER: The CG250 mini grinder is equipped with a 250W motor which will effortlessly grind through your favourite coffee beans and turn them into powder. By freshly grinding beans as and when you need them, you will release a delicious flavour and aroma that is unlike any store-bought pre-ground coffee. It takes a matter of seconds to achieve and with the CG250 you’ll find it very easy to create a mouth-watering cup of java every time.
  • PUSH-DOWN TOP OPERATION: Designed with a simple push-down power operation to provide ergonomic efficiency. The lid acts as a switch; with just a single touch the grinder will start to pulse through the contents and will stop only when you lift your hand from the lid. Additionally, this makes the grinder safer to use as the blade will only start rotating when the lid is on the cup and being pressed downwards.
  • DRY GRINDING, WET CHOPPING: As well as grinding beans for your morning brew, the CG250 can also be used for food preparation as it can chop, blend and grind a wide variety of ingredients too. This wet and dry grinder is like a smaller, more compact alternative to a standard blender; you can use it to create baby puree, dips, sauces and even grind up biscuits to make the base of cakes and desserts.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: A removable stainless-steel bowl is provided which enables you to easily remove the ground coffee from the grinder to wherever you need it without having to take the whole machine with you. An additional benefit of the removable cup is that you can easily clean it after each use.
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Cable management in the bottom of the grinder. Non-slip feet. Stainless-steel bowl and blade. Power: 250W. Fitted with a BS British Standard 3 pin plug.

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