Our community seeks the best deals and money saving deals. Your posts should be of a high quality in terms of offers – accuracy of information, and from a variety of sources.

Whether an offer is good or not is of course is subjective but we try and ask that if you genuinely believe what you’re sharing is good value and helpful (e.g. a deal informing people that Tesco sell clothes probably isn’t that very helpful. A deal letting people know there’s a 30% off sale at Tesco when you use your club-card is a lot more helpful


  • If possible the link should go directly to the product, rather than the retailer’s homepage or their social media.
  • The title should be a short, clear description of the deal (e.g. “size 14 jumper Render design”).
  • Please include the discounted price and (if higher) the RRP (Original Price.
  • Please upload/select an image of the deal (if we can not find a picture for that Product
  • Please include a detailed description
  • If the deal is only available in-store (i.e. it cannot be bought online) please select the “in-store only” when sharing the deal. Please also provide proof of the in-store price, and if possible a photograph of the item
  • If the deal requires a discount code please input the discount code/Voucher in the box


  • The title should include the discount/offer and what it applies to (“£5 off orders over £30 at BooHoo”)
  • If available, please set the expiration date of the voucher.
  • Please include any relevant terms and conditions in the description.


  • The title should include what the freebie is (“Free Sample of Brittany Spears”).
  • Please upload/select an image of the freebie
  • If the freebie is a giveaway/Competion (Enter for a chance to get a free shampoo) please share as a competition instead.
  • We do not accept free eBooks
  • We do not accept apps, digital downloads, software and other digital things which are usually free


  • Include what the prize is in the title
  • Please upload/select an image of the prize.
  • If there are multiple entry methods (e.g. Facebook and Instagram) please only share the competition once and link to the alternative entry methods in the description.
  • If multiple websites or Different companies are running the same competition please only share it once
  • Unlike deals and vouchers, competitions with the same URL cannot be re-shared after 30 days.
  • Only post competitions that are live now. Not competitions that start in the future
  • We do not accept competitions if there are to be paid for

Coming Soon Posts

Please do not share ‘coming soon’

Give clear and detailed descriptions

Where can you find the deal? is the deal in-store, nationwide or online?

How much was the deal and how much is it now

Do you have to pay for postage

Give clear and detailed descriptions. We’d much rather have too much detail than too little.

Simple titles

A good title answers three things:

What is in the deal

where is it and how much is the saving

For example, Video Games Sale at Zavvi Upto 90% off


If you submit an online deal, we’ll try our best to automatically find a photo. If we can not find a picture please upload one.

If you submit an in-store deal, please upload a photo. Images should be clear, or if it’s a screenshot from your phone, please crop the photo so only the relevant product is visible.


Try to find the best fitting category for your deal. If there’s no other choice, you can always put it under Uncategorized

Duplicate Posts (first come, first served)

It wouldn’t be a very helpful place if the whole site was flooded with the same deal

We try to automatically detect duplicates but please carry out your own checks before sharing any deals just by doing a quick search on the site

How long before I can re-post a deal?

Deals may be re-posted after 30 days. However, you may ask for your old post to be “refreshed”. For example, if you spent a long time crafting a great piece of timeless advice, it is better to have yours than a lower quality post. Just tag a Mentor in the comments and ask.

As some competitions disqualify people if they enter more than once we don’t allow competitions to be re-shared.

Referral links

UKCDC is referral-link-free zone so Please Do Not Share Your Referral – if you are found that you have shared your referal link or code your Account may be Deleted

UK sites

Please try and stick to UK only sites

Registered and Established businesses only

In the interest of safety for our members, please only share deals from registered and established retailers.

Things we say no to

We may have to remove your deal or restrict your account if we feel it doesn’t fit in with the values of the community. Here are some of the things that we don’t allow on UKcdc:

  • Self-promotion / Links to your own goods or services (if you’re a brand, please Contact us by Email
  • Free eBooks
  • Pornography, illegal goods and services
  • Apps, digital downloads, software and other digital things which are usually free
  • Unknown or unverified software (stuff that isn’t mainstream)
  • Encouraging action that is against a company’s terms and conditions
  • Multiple accounts (we have a system in place to detect this activity)
  • Copyright infringing content

Other deal sites

Unfortunately we do not accept links or mentions of other deal sites. This may be because: they are competitors

Polite and Positive Discussion

We welcome polite and positive members – negative criticism and rudeness is not. We may review, edit and delete such content and your account may be Deleted

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