How does UKCDC work

How UKCDC funds the community:

UKCDC uses affiliate links to earn money. If you click on a link to an external website and make a purchase UKCDC may earn commission.

The average commission is 1 – 5% of the total basket value. ukcdc also makes money from sponsorships this means we may partner up with Brands which may pay UKCDC to list products and deals for an example on Flash Codes

When visiting UKCDC, including the website, social media, app please assume every link, post, and recommendation is one the UKCDC may earn money from.

We explain this on the bottom of every single web page on our website.

Sponsored Posts

UKCDC works with retailers to show you great offers. This means there is a financial agreement between the retailer and UKCDC.

Does a Sponsored Post Mean It Is Exclusive UKCDC

No. Brands/Retailers may pay us money to showcase or Promote a Certain Product that are open to all. If we negotiate an exclusive deal for UKCDC members, we will shout about it from Roof tops

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