Save 69% on Homasy 12 Bath Bomb Gift Set

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Save 69% on Homasy 12 Bath Bomb Gift Set

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  • ?12 WONDERFUL FLAVORS? Still worried about the choice of fragrances? Once you have the Homasy Bath Bombs Gift Set, you will have all the usual fragrances. As soon as the bath bomb is thrown into the water, your bathroom is immediately enveloped in a dreamy scent. When you step out of the bath, you seem to have become an adorable spring flower that attracts bees. The scent will stay on your skin for a long time.
  • ☘️?100% ORGANIC SUBSTANCES FOR THE CARE OF YOUR SKIN☘️?Homasy bath bomb set is the savior for your dry skin in winter and is the custodian of the hydration of your skin in summer! Each bath bombis extracted from pure organic substances. The beneficial ingredients such as shea butter, sea salt, flower petals, cocoa butter and essential oils allow your sensitive skin to enjoy the bubble bath. After a half-standing bath, your skin becomes silky soft and moist like summer grass.
  • ? RIGHT GIFT CHOICE ? You no longer have to worry about which gift to give someone! The Homasy bath bomb gift set looks neither unacceptably luxurious nor too modest. Its simple look contains a colorful core suitable for different scenes and different festivals. When your girlfriend, mother, wife or children receive such a gift, they will be delighted and your relationship will improve.
  • ?? BEAUTIFUL FOAM IN AMAZING COLORS??Homasy bath bombs bring you a lively bathing experience! The process of melting the bath bombs in the water can create rich bubbles that are just as cute as a goldfish spewing bubbles. At the same time, the transparent water turned into a colorful color, as if it were being poured magically, that can make you and your child laugh! Your child will love bathing every day. Bathing is no longer monotonous and boring!
  • ♻️ONE BOMB ENOUGH FOR ONE BATH♻️ A Homasy bath bombs of 70 g can color a lot of water in a bathtub with brilliant colors. Unlike the expensive little bath bombs on the market, the size of our bath bombs fit very well for general sized bathtubs. After you’ve thrown one bath bomb in the bathtub, you won’t want to throw the second in it again. Such bath products deeply implement the concept of saving and protecting the environment! Choose Homasy, choose Security!

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